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What You're Supporting

Extended Signal

We provide access to drones that have an extended signal up to 20km.

Payload Delivery

We provide drones that have a Max payload of up to 20lbs.


Our drones have industry leading gps accuracy for precise payload delivery.

Extended Flight Time

We provide access to drones that have a flight time of approximately 1hr.

We Provide Drones To Populations With a need.

The importance of having drones on the ground cannot be stated with enough importance. Search and rescue operations are bolstered with drone technology.


Compact low power energy box

The compact container is designed to provide a low-power alternative for powering Starlink satellites and running communications and internet services in remote areas, particularly in Ukraine. It comes equipped with a built-in router and is designed to be powered by a car port or other low-power source. This makes it an ideal solution for areas where traditional power sources are unreliable or unavailable. With its compact size and rugged design, the container can be easily transported and deployed to provide essential communication and internet services in even the most challenging environments.

These small, compact containers have the potential to make a huge impact in Ukraine by providing reliable communication and internet access to those on the front lines of the conflict. By being designed as a low power alternative to traditional means of powering Starlinks and communication systems, these boxes can be easily transported and powered by a car port, making them ideal for deployment in remote or hard-to-reach areas. With built-in routers, they provide a secure and stable network for military and civilian use alike. The ability to communicate effectively and access vital information in real-time can mean the difference between life and death in a conflict zone, making these boxes an invaluable asset for those working on the front lines in Ukraine.

Support Ukraine's Frontline with Low-Power Compact Container for Starlinks and Communications

Join us in supporting the brave individuals on the front lines of Ukraine by donating to provide them with the technology they need to stay connected and protected. With your support, we can provide them with these low-power, high-impact communication boxes, allowing them to access the internet, run communications, and power Starlinks in even the most remote locations. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference in their fight for freedom and safety. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those working tirelessly to defend their country.


Full scale 1800mm wingspan FPV airframe for long distance and heavy load FPV flying. More than 14 carbon fiber strips and rods enhance the wing and body for durability and strength during your flights. It’s detachable main wing and tail makes it easy for disassembly & transport. Lightweight with the potential for more than 100 minutes of flying time with larger batteries.

About 1 meter in size, compatible with 16”-18″ props, using 4214 motors and 6S Li ion battery pack
produces 5kg of thrust per arm. The drone AUW with LiPo is approximately  5-6kg with 5-6kg of payload
capacity. (30-60 minute flight time depending on payload)

Our Team



As a Ukrainian-American living in Texas, Anton was devastated to wake up on February 24th, 2022 to news that his hometown was on fire and his family in Ukraine was in mortal danger. Determined to help, he boarded a plane to Ukraine and spent two months in armed engagements with the Russians to protect his loved ones. Upon returning to the US, Anton realized the dire need for long-range drones to aid the Ukrainian military. This realization led him to create DroneReaper.com, a platform dedicated to providing essential drone technology to those in need.

Troy Smothers


While serving in the United States Marine Corps as an 0311, Troy had the opportunity to train alongside Ukrainian soldiers and developed a deep appreciation for the people and culture of Ukraine. Following Russia's invasion, Troy traveled to Ukraine to assess the situation and consider how he could best assist. It was during this time that the idea for DroneReaper.com was born - a solution aimed at improving the situation on the ground.

Vasily Kalinovsky


Born and raised in Ukraine, he immigrated to the United States and became a citizen 16 years ago. Witnessing the unprovoked attacks against his fellow Ukrainians, he has been actively involved in supporting civilian and military operations in Ukraine. Currently, he is leading efforts to raise funds for drones to assist the needs of the Ukrainian people.

Mark Hayward


After serving in special forces, Mark retired to Nome and dedicated his time to teaching medical-related skills in Alaska Circle. However, when Vladimir Putin launched an attack against the Ukrainian people, Mark felt compelled to act. He served as a military advisor in Ukraine from March to May, providing his expertise to help defend against the Russian invasion. Now back in the United States, Mark remains committed to supporting the defense of freedom in Ukraine through political, military, and private channels.


Strategic Operations

Born and raised in Ukraine, Leila came to the United States to pursue her studies. When the war broke out, Leila and her husband went back to Ukraine to help transport refugees to safety. After returning to the US, Leila continues to assist by organizing fundraising efforts to support those affected by the conflict. With the idea of using drones to aid in the efforts, she is now working to help raise funds for the acquisition of these machines.

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